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Hi! Dear ,Darling , Light, HOW ARE YOU? WHO ARE YOU? & WHAT?

Solar energy can be used for cooking, to heat homes during winter, for transportation, in agriculture ,to purify water , to overcome the threat of climate change due to greenhouse gas emission; light is used in entertainment and performance. Light is inevitable and is connected with various rituals and festivals in temples.In Kerala there is Surya(Sun) pongala,Chandra(Moon) Pongala to worship Sun and Moon as God.

If you ask who are you then light will say, I am made up of corpuscles(Newton'theory).But then Fresnel and Huygens will say I am a wave .Maxwell will support this by saying that I am electromagnetic wave.Well if Planck is present, with the support of Einstein he will say that I am made up of discrete particles called photons.Different people see me differently.But all of them like me and all of my nature.

God make connection among every thing.If so, light is God because the internet connects all types of people around the world irrespective of caste ,or religion or geographic barrier or colour, through the optical fibres which are made of glass.The messages propagate through the glass in the form of light.The telephone calls at cheap rates,live telecasts of sports and arts programmes, video conferencing are just because of the photon theory of light. Photonics is another form of science of light. Photonics say that the light is made of particles called photons.The technology behind the working of a wide variety of equipments from medical instruments to consumer electronics, smart phone to laptop , is based on photonics.20th century electronics will be replaced by photonics in the 21st century. The light particle ,the photons have divine or magical powers. It can cure disease and can be used to solve crimes. For exploring the Universe as well as for seeing inside the human body it is a must . Not only that, principles of photonics is applied in the remote control of TV, in DVD players, in barcode scanners, in holography, in eye surgery, in remote sensing, in laser cutting, in 3D printing, laser shows for entertainment and so on.

There are youths who are deprived off education due to lack of light sources, after sunset. About 1.5 million people die every year through the inhaling of the smoke from the kerosene lamps used at night for learning. The smoke induces pneumonia, cancer, asthma, bronchitis etc. To solve these problems let IYL innovate new technology to produce low cost, clean and efficient lighting systems by promoting experimentation in science education and improving the knowledge of the teachers in the content to be taught in the class.

Let IYL induce a passion for light in Youths so that they make use of the light-based technologies and contribute much to the field of efficient energy generation and to the world economy.